Repair - don't buy summary

Due to the sales season starting every November, in opposition to the idea associated with "Black Friday", we decided to organize the Repair – don’t buy! campaign and we announced free repair of all our products *. We encouraged our clients to opt out of new purchases and to take care of their existing equipment. Each sleeping bag, jacket or other Cumulus product, sent to us by the end of November, was repaired completely for free.

* The repair included all our products, with no exception :)

Response to our news

99 716

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What was the effect?

more than 130 packages sent

Products could have been sent until November 30th.

Last ones came to us even in the beginning of January! :)


products, that were repaired

~ 238

hours of repair

33 293 EUR

estimated value of repaired products*

*Assuming that instead of sending for repair, a new product would be purchased.

The most commonly repaired products:


Incredilite Endurance

Lite Line 300

The oldest product was sleeping bag from 1993!

Why did we do that?

We love to sell our products - advise, suggest what’s best and then watch them in action. But we always emphasize that products should be bought responsibly. We wanted to draw the attention to the growing problem of impulsive buying and throwing out still valuable products. Various data show that over half of consumers who shop during promotions, later regret it. The result is a huge negative impact on the environment: waste of resources, accumulation of garbage. At Cumulus, we believe that even small activities can have a real, positive impact on our surroundings.

That is why we encourage: BUY... but the products you really need!

And take care of the ones you already own!